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Michael From Jerusalem

Shalom from the City of the Great King!

Are you a Christian searching to know more about Israel?   If your answer is YES…  this blog is for you!

Who I am….     

My name is Michael Utterback, Executive Director of Ministry to Israel(MTI), and I am writing this blog from the city of Jerusalem where my family and I have lived for many years. Since the mid 1980s, I have traveled around the world challenging Christians to bless the nation of Israel. It is my deep conviction this generation, more than any other in the past 2000 years, has a unique role to play in the prophetic restoration, physically and spiritually, of this land and its people. We have dedicated our lives to this calling.

What we do…            dsc_3752    dsc02559     dsc06920     dsc00041   mail

Through MTI and our partners in ministry, we have assisted over 100,000 Jews home to Israel. In Hebrew it is called making Aliyah, which means ‘to go up.’  Secondly, here in Israel, through our Jerusalem Support Center (JSC), we have helped (through loving acts of benevolence) well over 25,000 of these new immigrants who have made Aliyah! Thirdly, we feel strongly the Lord has called us to help irrigate the seeds He has sown, in Christian hearts throughout the world, regarding His timely restoration of Israel. This blog From Jerusalem is a part of that watering!   From time to time I will post articles, facts, scriptural teaching and special features for you to glean. I will also do my best to answer legitimate questions, especially biblical ones, about Israel and her scriptural role… you might be very surprised at what you read!

God’s talking to us…

So, here you are, reading this blog. Why? If you are a Christian.. or someone who loves the nation of Israel, I believe it is no mistake… the Holy Spirit is tugging at your heart… He has a role for you to play in all of this…  Think about it, just 60 years ago, there wasn’t a nation called Israel. In her first 30 years, no one really paid much attention to her… even the Christian Church world-wide had little interest… but in the past 3 decades a spiritual phenomenon has swept the globe like a tidal wave. Christians all over the world are captured by this tiny nation and their historical/spiritual ties to it. Something that hasn’t happened in the Church for 2000 years!!!   Make no mistake, what you are seeing in these days, the struggle for the land of Israel, the hatred of the nations and even the media frenzy against Israel are all part of a larger plan of God… and it’s in the scriptures.

So, I invite you to come back often… We will explore this fascinating subject together.


Michael Utterback                                                             FromJerusalem@wordpress.com

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